Health Benefits Series : Pole Fitness

Welcome back Zeal blog readers! This weeks post is a tangent to the last post and will dive deeper into the health benefits of specifically pole fitness.

At Zeal we are focused on changing the stigma and stereotypes associated with pole fitness. In our quest to move away from this stigma, there has been an interest in learning more about the benefits of pole fitness. Last week, the blog touched on the benefits of pole fitness. These include, promoting weight loss, building and toning muscles, increasing flexibility, and boosting self confidence. Let's take a closer look at each of these.

Weight loss

Pole fitness can contribute to significant weight loss when combined with other fat burning exercises. In one single class you can burn as many as 250 calories. All strength training exercises burn calories, so while you’re building and toning your muscles, you will quickly notice a leaner you.


Pole fitness exercises are a combination of strength training, endurance and flexibility. The exercises provide an incredible upper body workout that can often build much more muscle than traditional weight lifting. You will gain the muscle to support your entire body weight with one arm. Lifting your body off of the ground with your arms will train your triceps, shoulders and lats. As you grip the pole with your legs, it will train your quads and hamstrings. The various moves performed during a pole workout will cover other areas of the body such as your biceps and core. By the end of a class, you will have completed a full-body workout!


The warm-ups at Zeal involve plenty of stretches to reduce tension in your body. Moves like splits and backbends are also incorporated into some pole moves that can significantly improve your flexibility. The workout can also promote balance. There is a sense of coordination that is required to master the moves on a pole. This type of fitness will help improve that balance.

Self confidence

Pole fitness will increase endorphin production and release the “feel-good” hormone. It is also an exercise that incorporates moves that make you feel powerful and beautiful, which will overall improve your self-esteem. Not only will you feel stronger and sexier, but learning new movements and achieving personal goals (Yes, we can go ahead and call them pole goals. I know you were thinking it too!) will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Pole fitness is about building strength, feeling confident and being part of a community of like-minded, empowered people. So what are you waiting for? Come check out the pole fitness classes offered at Zeal. We currently hold pole classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Check out the schedule here.

Be sure to read each week’s post as we will continue this series with posts specified to each apparatus (pole, silks, hammock, lyra and yoga).

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