Health Benefits Series: Lyra


Have you ever heard of Lyra? No? What about aerial hoop? Both mean the same and involve a workout in a hoop that is suspended from the ceiling. According to the National Institute of Circus Arts, the aerial hoop, also known as the Lyra, is “a circular steel apparatus suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics.”

The cool thing about the Lyra is that you no longer have to be an acrobatic performer to enjoy all that the Lyra has to offer. Zeal offers a variety of Lyra classes that are sure to help embrace your inner acrobat.

The basic idea of the Lyra is to pull yourself up into a hoop, then move your body around the hoop to create beautiful, elegant and often strength demanding positions. In Lyra classes you’ll first learn the entry moves, such as different ways to mount the hoop, followed by other postures while in the hoop. There are a variety of moves that range from relaxing postures like Man In The Moon (left), to more challenging and strength building postures like Reverse Man In The Moon (right).

Reverse Man In The Moon

Man In The Moon

Despite the class level, Lyra fitness can provide a range of health benefits. Aerial hoop is a full body workout and you’ll gain lots of strength as you quickly realize that lifting your body weight multiple times can be quite challenging. You will build strength in your arms, shoulders and upper body. Not to mention, it is a great core workout too! You will see improvements in your flexibility. You’ll improve motor control and enhance your balance and coordination, which comes from concentration on nailing and holding poses. Most importantly, the best benefit is self-confidence. Something about lifting yourself up onto a hoop and doing something you couldn’t do just weeks before, can be so satisfying.

If you’ve never tried a Lyra class but are interested, SIGN UP HERE and start training your body in new ways. Aerial hoop will bring about a variety of benefits to your mind and body. If you have experienced the fun of a Lyra class, JOIN US AGAIN. We’re excited hoop with you!

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