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Join us for our January workshop! Hula Hoop Fitness & Movement Get Audacious!

Blast calories, tone, build core strength and increase your stamina. Hula Hoop Dance is a unique art form that takes a simple plastic circle and transforms it into a powerful fitness tool. Whether you are a seasoned hoop dancer or brand new to hula hooping, this class will teach you how to utilize dynamic movements on and off the body to get a killer, low impact, full body workout that will leave you energized and invigorated. Hoops are provided and also available for purchase. Suitable for all levels, even beginners! Intermediate and advanced students can enjoy a super charged hoop dance experience and learn to expand skills to the next level.

Meet your instructor! Audria Larsen, aka Miss Audacious, is professional entertainer, producer, hoop dancer and founder of Audacious Hoops. She's hula hooped her way across the globe for over 10 years and loves helping people find success within a hoop.

Set your passion free.


According to Webster's Dictionary, Zeal means with great passion or energy in pursuit of a cause of objective.  At Zeal Aerial Fitness, our goal is to help you find the best version of yourself, physically and mentally,  in a supportive community.